Insane Ninja Chess

This phenomenal game of chess is truly insane!

Insane Ninja Chess is an exciting chess variant featuring two pairs of unique multi-mode pieces: the Insane Ninjas and the Mad Leaping Ninja Guards.

Board Setup

Insane Ninja Chess starting position Start Position for white. (black mirrors white)

Insane Ninjas on a1,j1
Rooks on b1,i1
knights on c1,h1
bishops on d1, g1
queen on e1
king on f1
leaping ninja guards on e0,f0
pawns from a2-j2

The Pieces

The Mad Leaping Ninja Guard

The Leaping Ninja Guard is a color bound piece with three modes of movement and two capture modes.
Ninja Guard’s moves The Ninja Guard on d5 can capture all the pieces in the diagram. It can also jump to the squares in red, or move to any square that is 1 step away diagonally that is not occupied by a friendly piece.
It can capture the pawn on c4 by moving to that square or capture both pawns on c4 and b3 by jumping to b3.
It can capture the knight on f7 by jumping over the pawn at e6.
It can capture the rook at e4 by moving to e4 or leaping to f3.

The Insane Ninja

The Insane Ninja possesses both dual mode movement and dual mode capture capabilities.
Insane  Ninja’s moves The Insane Ninja on d4 can capture all the pieces in the diagram. It can also move to the squares in blue or the squares in green by leaping.
It can capture the pawn on d5 by moving to that square or capture both pawns on d5 and d6 by jumping to d6.
It can capture the knight on b4 by jumping over the pawn at c4.
It can capture the rook at e4 by moving to e4 or leaping to f4.


The rules are as in orthodox chess except as noted below:

The Ninja Pawn

white ninja pawn black ninja pawn The ninja pawn possesses slightly different modes of movement and capture depending on which half of the board it is on.

The ninja pawn can always move 1 square up or 1 square sideways to an empty square regardless of where it is situated on the board.

When the pawn is situated in the lower half of the board (for White, rank 0-5 and for black 11-6), it can move forward multiple vacant squares (1-3 squares) to reach the middle of the board (rank 5 for White or rank 6 for Black). This move can be done at any time regardless of how many times the pawn has moved. Thus White can on each turn move from e2-e3, e3-d3 and d3-d5.

Once it passes the middle, the ninja pawn can only move 1 square forward at a time, or move 1 square horizontally.

Like the standard pawn it can capture one square diagonally up, regardless of which half of the board it is on.
When the ninja pawn is on the top half of board (White rank 6 +, Black rank 5-) , it can also capture one square horizontally.

There is no en passant. It cannot capture another pawn or ninja pawn en passant nor can any other pawn capture it this way.

Promotion: The ninja pawn promotes on the last row (rank 10 for white, rank 1 for black), to any piece. Promotion to a piece is mandatory so it would cease to be a pawn in the last row.

The ninja pawn is not present at the start at the game and is dropped by the player into the drop zone, which are the 2nd row squares (row 9 for black, 2 for white). For example, the drop zone for white is a2-j2 and for black a9-j9.
The square must be vacant to drop the pawn. You can drop a pawn to check or to checkmate the opposing king A maximum of 4 ninja pawns (1 per turn) can be dropped by each side during a game.
After dropping a pawn, the player can optionally move the ninja pawn forward 1 or multiple squares towards the center on the same move. A capture or a side move is not permitted during the drop, so the player can just drop a pawn, or drop a pawn and move it 1-3 vacant squares towards the center.

In diagram, the black ninja pawn can go from e9-e6 or any other square in between or d9 or f9. The white pawn at f7 cannot capture it en passant

Lets say the white ninja pawn went from e3-f3 , it still has the option of shooting forward to the middle (f5) regardless of how many moves it made before. e.g. it can go e2-e3, then e3-f3 . It can now (see diagram) go f3-f5 if unobstructed.

The white ninja pawn at h9 can capture the bishop at i9 in addition to being able to go to g9 or to promote by going to h10.

Interesting points:

Insane Ninja Chess 2

Insane Ninja Chess also introduces a 2nd Game, a sub-variant, which features the same pair of insane ninja knights, and a pair of ninja guards.
Ninja Guards are identical to the Mad Leaping ninja guards except for the absence of the long leaping move.
Thus, the ninja guards now only control 8 squares and are roughly equal in power to the knights.
This game uses the same board, but the pieces are arranged slightly differently: see board setup #2 below.


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