Super Knights Grand Chess


This exciting new variant is based loosely on the Capablanca Chess variant but with 3 new powerful pieces: the Super Knights!

The inventor of this game, was playing around with the different variations of Capablanca Chess (of which Gothic Chess also belongs) and came up with an intriguing solution: Why not discard the regular knights, replace them with rook-knights (Chancellor, Marshall), add a bishop knight (Archbishop, Cardinal) and the very powerful queen-knight (Amazon, Terror) to the mix! Many of the problems associated with Bird's original setup as well as Capablanca's setup can then be avoided when set up as shown below.

Chess in the middle ages was much slower than the modern super queen chess we see now. With the dearth of opening theory now reaching saturation, why not expand the powers once more and continue the history of chess, introducing the period of SUPER KNIGHTS!

Note that in capablanca chess (and gothic chess too), the knights are the weakest pieces, and it seems that they are the most expendable pieces. The point though is if we have superknights why not drop the regular knights! And that is the essential difference between the 10x10 and 8X8 version of superknights and the variants of Capablanca chess.

In this new variation, the king is surrounded by a queen and a queen knight. He certainly is NOT monogomous! Notice that the queen knight now guards the naturally weak square f2(or f7 for black)! His favorite queen is the queen knight, but don't underestimate the power of the queen! The queen gets a bishop knight to balance her side of the board.

The three new super knights are: Please note that there are no regular knights in this variation!
Start Position for Super Knights Grand Chess The board is set up as follows for the white side (black side will mirror this):
Rook on a1
Rook-knight on b1
Bishop on c1
Bishop-knight on d1
Queen on e1
King on f1
Queen-knight on g1
Bishop on h1
Rook-knight on i1
Rook on j1
10 pawns from a2 to j2.


The rules in Super Knights Grand Chess are the same as in chess except for the following modifications:
  1. Castling is done by moving the king three squares to the left or right and moving the rook next to it. For example, white can castle kingside (providing no other pieces are in between, and no squares over which the king travels are attacked) by moving his king from f1 to i1 and his rook from j1 to h1. On the queenside, white king moves from f1 to c1 and rook from a1 to d1.
  2. Pawn moves: The pawn can move from its original position either 1, 2 or 3 squares forward. Subsequently as in normal chess, it can only move 1 square forward. If a pawn moves 1 square forward from its original position, it loses its ability to move more than 1 square forward and can only move forward 1 square at a time.
  3. En Passant: If a Pawn moves two or three squares initially and passes an opposing Pawn on the fourth or fifth rank, the Pawn may be captured en passant. E.g. White pawn on a2 black pawn on b4. If the white pawn moves from a2 to a4 or a5, the black pawn on b4 can capture it as if it had moved to a3. Similarly, if the black pawn is on b5 instead and the white pawn moves to a5 from a2 then the black pawn can capture the white pawn as if it moved to a4. Note in this case the white pawn can still avoid the black pawn by moving to a3 instead.
    Capturing en passant is optional unless it is the only legal move available. The capture must be made on the next move.
  4. Pawn promotion: Pawns can now promote to: queen,queen-knight,rook-knight, bishop-knight, bishop.

New Strategical Points

Give it a try and see how it compares to the rest!

This 10x10 Chess variant was invented by Charles.
The game info was also submitted to the Chess Variants page.

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Super Knights 2

In Super Knights 2, the Knights are replaced by the Ferz Knight and Wazir knight which make a diagonal step or an orthogonal step respectively in addition to their knight jump.

The board is setup as shown.

The Standard Pawn (or Ninja Pawn) can move 1- multiple spaces towards the middle, after which they move 1 space forward per turn.
During play, 5 Ninja Pawns can be dropped into an empty space ( 1 per turn) on 2nd rank and optionally pushed forward 1 or more squares to the middle.
The Ninja Pawn is a special pawn that can move/capture like a regular pawn as well as move 1 space sideways.
When in enemy half of board it can also capture 1 space sideways.

Castling is flexible: The King can move 1-3 (4 on Q-side) spaces towards the Rook.

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