Introducing Random Move Number Chess (CRMN-C)

The author's idea behind this game was to introduce the element of luck to chess, making it similar to poker in some ways. Click here to scroll down and read the sordid details!

Instead of being a 100% skill based game, this game is dependent on luck because a die controls the number of moves each player makes!

The game is played as usual with the standard chess rules. The only difference is each player must throw a 6-sided dice to determine the outcome of his move.

If he gets a 1 then he misses his turn!
If he gets a 6 he moves twice! If he gets the same number as his previous throw (the move before) he moves twice!
If he gets the same number three times, he moves three times!
But if the throw meets none of these conditions, he just makes the usual move. (He should however record the last die throw i.e. remember that he threw a 2 for example).

The opponent does the same thing and we have a very unusual game of chess that is now dependent on both luck and skill!

This type of chess game has NEVER BEEN PLAYED before and I am proud to unveil it as Random Move Number Chess or CRMN-C for short. (First C stands for Charles!)


The game of chess is played completely unaltered except for the use of a die (and paper and pencil to record each throw).
  • Black then throws the die and determines the number of moves in identical fashion.
  • A checking move immediately forfeits all extra moves.
    If player A has 3 moves to make but checks on his first move. He cannot make the other two moves.
  • A player who is in check must make a move to get out of check even if he throws a one.
    The die must be thrown and recorded though.
    In the unlikely case, this player threw 6 3 times he must switch sides, or he loses if he got 6 6 times.
  • Where should this game be played? It is perfect for those who prefer not to tax their brains at every turn. It is ideal for the internet when people don't have much time and don't want to think all the time, but don't want to play a crappy blitz game with some kid with a perverse mastery of moving pieces in less time than you (while still displaying a complete lack of rudimentary chess skill, but not enough of a chess deficit to let you checkmate him in 5 minutes!) .

    It is also ideal between players with a huge disparity in chess skill. Can you imagine the thrill at beating an IM or a GM in chess! This form of play is even better than handicapping or using time odds. The weaker player here does not have to fill humiliated that the stronger player is offering his rook or has to make more moves in less time. The playing field is completely equal and he just needs to get a little luckier to win. The luck factor makes the game a lot more exciting, but as in poker the more skilled player has a higher chance of winning but can run unlucky and lose.

    Further Thoughts

    Standard Chess has always been a game of skill, and most practitioners of the game are quite proud of this fact. However, this may diminish the fun aspect of the game for some who wish not to tax their brains for every single move.

    I came up with the idea of this unique variant while thinking of the game of Texas Hold'em Poker, yes the game that is broadcasted all over TV and on ESPN even though it is not really a sport(though some claim it is).

    The popularity of this game was jumpstarted when Chris Moneymaker, won an online tournament to earn a $10000 seat to the WSOP main event and then went on to win the whole thing! He was an amateur player who outlasted Poker professionals like Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan and then faced Sammy Farha heads up and defeated him as well! Since then it has become quite apparent that skill alone will NEVER win a poker tournament.
    As Phil Hellmuth said, "If it wasn’t for luck, I would win every one of them." Putting aside his exaggeration that he is the greatest no limit Hold’em poker player in the world, it brings up an interesting comparison.

    You would never hear a Chess Champion blame luck for losing to an amateur a few hundred points lower than him. In fact it would be impossible to beat a chess champion in regular chess. But in poker, almost every tournament features some amateur sometimes almost a complete novice (celebrities for instance) outlast and beat seasoned poker pros! But this actually is what makes the game so popular - anyone can win!

    My thoughts were as follows: could chess ever become a game of both skill and luck? The answer: of course! In fact, chess games with dice have been around for quite a long time, but they involve throwing the dice and number determining which piece was to move. I felt that this changed the nature of the game a little too much and was not that exciting as the regular chess itself. Then it hit me! Why not let the dice determine the number of moves each player makes every turn?

    Is this a replacement for Regular Chess: Of course not! It is a chess variant that I hope gets introduced on the ICS along with the other variants such as Bughouse etc.
    Another interesting idea: Playing FR-960 with CRMN-C rules!!! CRMN-FR-960-Chess!
    Saving the best for last:
    If you are interested in a gambling game then No Limit Bet Chess is ideal!
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    Posted by: rkv on 2008-09-24 05:21:03     Rating: Excellent
    im one of the chess player and i want to grow my knoledge in chess and this website will help me
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    I am getting my dice!